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Cherish Your Memories

Families are for Photos!
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  1. Package One - $0.225 per picture
    Package One - $0.225 per picture
    We will scan all of the pictures you want to share digitally with your friends and family and provide them to you as scanned on either a Flikr account which we can create for you or on a flash drive or disc.
  2. Package Two - $0.50 per picture
    Package Two - $0.50 per picture
    We will scan all of the pictures you want to share with your friends and family and enhance them with various photo programs to add titles, frames, descriptions, locations, dates, digital albums, etc. These photos will be provided to you via Flikr.
  3. Custom Packages
    Custom Packages
    This option could include VHS to DVD video conversions, photos to DVD videos, production of hardbound albums or other keepsakes, one-on-one interviews to record in writing or via audio stories of your memories. All custom package pricing will be quoted depending on your needs.
Get Out Your Albums Today
Change the way you feel by reliving your memories digitally and sharing with those you love and care for!
You can count on us to take good care of your memories.  In addition to photos, we can also assist with the social media and technology (smart phones and tablets) that make your entire collection portable.  Many of us are looking to downsize and this is a great way to take volumes of photos and photo frames and photo albums and put them
in the palm of your hand!
  1. 1
    Select Your Photos
    If you are like most of us, you have hundreds or thousands of photos, hundreds of framed pictures, albums, etc. You want to select only those you wish to share.
  2. 2
    Contact Us
    Contact us to discuss you package at (954) 532-6451
  3. 3
    We Start Scanning
    Generally, unless you request a custom package, Package One should be scanned in 7 days, and Package Two in 14 days. Custom package turn-around TBD.
  4. 4
    You Start Sharing
    Now that you have invested in the enhancement of your memories, it is time to start sharing. Don't forget, we are here to help and welcome your next memory saver package.
Sharing Memories is a form of Storytelling.
Let's change the lives of our loved ones by sharing our stories together!
  1. VHS to DVD or Digital File
    We can convert your VHS tapes to DVD or digital files to be transferred onto you PC, smart phones or tablets. Don't forget, we can help you make this possible with one-on-one interactions in person or via the phone and/or Skype.
  2. Photo Albums and Keepsakes
    There are a number of vendors available you take the digital pictures once scanned and put them in albums. We can walk you through selecting the album to meet you needs. Some digital files are also good for merchandise like a reunion or family picnic.
  3. Your Stories and Ancestry
    As a custom package, you may get the sharing bug and want to build your family tree or capture your families most memorable moments. We can help you find the right tools to do this and can provide an interview guide to help us capture something about you and yours in narrative form.